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Smart Design

smart design Before we begin any project, we do our homework. Are we starting from scratch? Do you have a logo (brand mark)? Do you have any promotional materials or a website? What are your goals? Who is your competition? What is your budget? Answers to these simple questions mean a lot to getting the most for your business or service. Add our creative experience and access to virtually all promotional vehicles, and you will soon find yourself meeting and exceeding expectations.


branding Whether creating an identity for your company or bringing a new perspective to an existing brand, TreeFrog can help you capture the attention of your target market and provide them with compelling and valuable information about your business and its offerings. Our ability to think outside of the box and understand the needs of your audience makes us the perfect partner to ensure your much-deserved success.


marketing The key to successful promotional endeavors is to gain as thorough an understanding of your target market as possible. Who are they? What are their interests? How do they shop? What influences their decisions? What do they need to know about your business? Our research techniques, information gathering resources and data analysis provides us with qualified approach tactics that not only help you expand market share, but also give you insight on direction for increased customer retention.



Roy Kimball

roy kimball, creative director, founded the agency in 1995, following an impressive career at a succession of high-level New England ad agencies. After receiving his BA from Dartmouth College, Roy earned a post-graduate degree in Advertising, Design and Marketing from the New England School of Design (Suffolk University). Roy's inspired work has helped a wide array of global, national and local clients achieve their business goals. Roy is the recipient of numerous CASE awards and other accolades for advertising and design excellence.


lori pinkowski, creative associate, is TreeFrog's premier wordsmith, account consultant and media planning wizard. No wonder, her extensive background in organizational planning and event management qualify her well for her role in the agency. Working for two previous agencies, she was involved in account management, writing and event planning for such high-level accounts as Evian water and Schwinn Bicycles.


carol kimball, vice president and chief financial officer, brings her talent, training and experience to this critical role at TreeFrog. Carol's background includes a steady succession of positions in finance management and accounting for a variety of large and small companies. In addition to handling our finances, Carol’s creativity and supreme organizational abilities help to keep the entire TreeFrog team on their toes and operating at peak efficiency.




logos [brand marks] • Call them what you will, these letterforms or graphic symbols are a basic necessity to creating a unique identity for your business, service or product(s). All illustrations by TreeFrog!

promotions [advertisements, support materials] •  It’s not a field of dreams out there, though it would be nice if it was. It’s the idea that makes it work. Eye-catching, informative and responsive awareness efforts created from a knowledge of your offerings and an understanding of your target demographic. Whether it be print or digital, we create, track and qualify your messages to ensure maximized exposure and a healthy ROI.

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